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File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Pachi/acconfig.h [code]
Pachi/src/credits.h [code]
Pachi/src/definitions.h [code]
Pachi/src/faes.cpp [code]
Pachi/src/file.c [code]
Pachi/src/fx.c [code]
Pachi/src/game.c [code]
Pachi/src/gameover.c [code]
Pachi/src/gfx.c [code]
Pachi/src/init.c [code]
Pachi/src/input.c [code]
Pachi/src/intro.c [code]
Pachi/src/menu.c [code]
Pachi/src/monsters.c [code]
Pachi/src/output.c [code]
Pachi/src/player.c [code]
Pachi/src/proto.h [code]
Pachi/src/setgame.c [code]
Pachi/src/sounds.h [code]
Pachi/src/stages.c [code]
Pachi/src/structs.h [code]
Pachi/src/surfaces.h [code]
Pachi/src/text.c [code]

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